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Home hospitality dinner



 Thursday, 5 September


Venue: Your host’s home


Among the various social events organised during the Congress, the most special and anticipated evening of all is the 'Home Hospitality Dinner', where local lawyers open their homes to welcome AIJA members from around the world with delicious, often typical, food and drinks.

This is a unique occasion for participants to find out about the hospitality and way of life of the city hosting the Congress in a friendly atmosphere. This Italian edition is certainly not to be missed!
The Home Hospitality Dinner will be followed by a party gathering both the Congress participants and their wonderful hosts.

Dress code: casual
NOTE: You will individually receive by e-mail the name of your host and the other guests, as well as instructions how to go to their place. Should you not be able to attend please let the organisers know as soon as possible! Please remember to bring a small gift for your host, which is often in the form of a souvenir from your country. Don’t forget that most of the hosts are not AIJA members and have never attended AIJA events before.