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All roads lead to Rome

All roads lead to Rome
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Our 2019 Annual Congress will take place in Rome, a city where history crawls from every crack.

Ancient Rome was confident of its immutability: Roma Caput Mundi (Rome, Capital of the World). The fall of Rome seemed unthinkable to its citizens at the time but, as it failed to embrace a sustainable model, it unavoidably collapsed.

As XXI century International Young Lawyers we shall engage in the creation of a legal sustainable environment for a digitalised and globalised world. An environment where our fellow citizens and clients can grow, develop and remain sustainable.

Join us in Rome, where an incredibly motivated Organising Committee has put its Italian passion and savoir-faire to steal your heart with a memorable Congress in a unique setting. We have prepared a Congress for you to network, learn and celebrate our profession in a way no other International Association can offer you.

In 2019 - Ci vediamo a Roma!

Xavier Costa
President of AIJA 2018/2019