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Academic programme

Building a successful, sustainable practice: Understanding your clients’ business and practical Legal Project Management tools

Presented by: Skills, Career, Innovation, Leadership and Learning (SCILL)

Working session #3



 Friday, 6 September

 09:00 – 12:00

 Fernandes room; Level B-C (-2 floor)


The traditional way of delivering legal services is no longer sustainable. In this very practical session organised by AIJA’s Skills, Career, Innovation, Leadership & Learning (SCILL) Commission, top-notch experts will share how to fix this – both for ourselves and our clients.

We will focus on how to achieve higher levels of economic productivity in the law practice through diversification, technological upgrading and innovation. Specifically, we will concentrate on how you can be more productive and sustainable in your law practice, using creative and innovative techniques. We will focus on how to organise a law practice internally in relation to the team, and externally in respect to the clients.

Detailed schedule:


Speaker: Stepan Holub, Holubová advokáti (Czech Republic)

Keynote speaker: Thomas Bourne, Greenheart (UK)

Keynote speaker Thomas Bourne – strategic business & commercial consultant – will explore in a very practical way how lawyers can empathise with the commercial decisions of their clients. In return, this will enable them to deliver more targeted and relevant advice and build stronger relationships that last. Lawyers need to be able to answer questions such as: ‘What does this business stand for?‘ to ensure that their advice doesn’t conflict with the company’s fundamental purpose, values and objectives.

About Thomas Bourne

Thomas Bourne offers strategic business & commercial consultancy to purposeful businesses of all sizes. Before setting up his own business, he has worked for various businesses in the sustainable food sector. His own firm is a Certified B Corporation and he is a B Corp Ambassador of B Lab, the non-profit organisation responsible for promoting and administering the B Corporation (B Corp) movement in the UK.

 Farnese+Orsini+Ruspoli+Torlonia (Level A (-1 floor))

Keynote speaker:  Marion Ehmann, Kimeru (Sweden)

Have you ever heard of the ‘cone of uncertainty’, the ‘planning fallacy’, the ‘MoSCoW method’, the ‘WWW-H in the mirror’, the bandwagon effect, or Kanban boards and what they have to do with lawyers? Well, here is your chance! In this practical workshop keynote speaker Marion Ehmann – IILPM-certified Legal Project Practitioner and LPM trainer – will explain what LPM and legal design are. She will present LPM tools for success in a rapidly changing legal market where fixed budgets are (becoming) the norm and a strong focus on the needs of the client is a must.


Thomas Bourne

Greenheart, UK


Marion Ehmann

kiMEru, Sweden


Orsolya Görgényi

Szecskay Attorneys at Law, Hungary



Esther Goldschmidt


Orsolya Görgényi

Szecskay Attorneys at Law, Hungary

Stepan Holub

Holubová advokáti, Czech Republic